Cauliflower Hot Wings Recipe

The humble cauliflower a bland seeming vegetable; can be made exciting & flavoursome. When my boys were young vegetable hating toddlers I used to sneak cauliflower into my mashed potato & they were non the wiser!! My go-to recipe for cauliflower was always cauliflower cheese but now with a vegan in the family who doesn’tContinue reading “Cauliflower Hot Wings Recipe”

Simple vanilla sponge with strawberries 🍓 for Mother’s Day (vegan)

A challenging Mother’s Day today for many who sadly can’t see their mum today, due to the corona virus & social isolating & quarantine. Or in my case my mum lives overseas. I guess 1 Mother’s Day without your mum is worth it if it means you still get to give her a big hugContinue reading “Simple vanilla sponge with strawberries 🍓 for Mother’s Day (vegan)”

French Bread Pizza! Quick, easy & comforting

This is a classic old time favourite of mine. So quick, easy & cheap to make! It was one of the first things I used to make as a teenager myself. My best friend Maria & I used to make this all the time when we were poor in Paris!! Funny how food can makeContinue reading “French Bread Pizza! Quick, easy & comforting”

Croissants! Can’t believe it’s Vegan!!

So my son always adored a croissant – a treat denied since he was vegan as they are known for their buttery content. However we’ve discovered Jus Rol – which is chilled ready to roll pastry. They were on offer for 2 packs for £3 in Tesco. Unbelievably they’re Dairy free! Really easy to bake!Continue reading “Croissants! Can’t believe it’s Vegan!!”

St Patrick’s Day Vegan Guinness Chocolate Cake

Happy St Patrick’s Day!! It will be a very different St Patrick’s day in Ireland this year -with their pubs being closed due to the covid 19 corona virus. Government guidelines in the UK are to avoid unnecessary social contact & pubs, restaurants. We are socially isolating ourselves at home ; it’s a good opportunityContinue reading “St Patrick’s Day Vegan Guinness Chocolate Cake”