Raspberry & Ginger Fridge Cake (Dairy-Free, Vegan)

Raspberry & ginger fridge cake (Dairy-free, Vegan version) Icebox cake or fridge cake is so easy to make with very few ingredients and an exceptionally good dessert! You can experiment with this type of cake with different fruits & flavours or biscuit base. The ginger biscuits (accidentally vegan) & fresh raspberries with whipped cream reallyContinue reading “Raspberry & Ginger Fridge Cake (Dairy-Free, Vegan)”

Simple mushroom & no bacon pasta (vegan)

My son actually made up this recipe from stuff we had in the fridge after he refused to eat some leftovers I wanted to re-heat lol. It was simple & delicious I also ended up eating a bowl, he should cook more often! Ingredients Serves 2 1 spoon olive oil 100 G sliced mushrooms 2Continue reading “Simple mushroom & no bacon pasta (vegan)”

Easter Egg Cheesecake- Vegan, Dairy Free

For a special Easter treat i thought I’d try this lovely surprise for my son; An Easter egg cheesecake in an Easter egg!! All vegan & dairy free but a scrumptious delight & so easy to make which is all important when you’re a busy working mum. Easter Egg Cheesecake- Vegan & Dairy Free AllContinue reading “Easter Egg Cheesecake- Vegan, Dairy Free”

Oreo Chocolate Truffles vegan 3 ingredients no bake treat! Dairy free

These delicious 3 ingredient Oreo Chocolate Truffles are an easy no-bake treat made with crushed up Oreo cookies, vegan cream cheese, and dark chocolate. The perfect treat for Valentine’s or any special occasion or just to show you love someone. Ingredients 38 Oreo Cookies 8 oz vegan cream cheese at room temperature (Violife or OatleyContinue reading “Oreo Chocolate Truffles vegan 3 ingredients no bake treat! Dairy free”

Not Reeses Peanutbutter Cups (Vegan & Dairy-Free)

Delicious home made Not Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Bars – Vegan friendly – no dairy – plant based. Vegan non Reeses peanutbutter cups Before my son became vegan his favourite chocolate treats were Reeses Peanut Butter Cups a rare treat which he now denies himself. I accidentally made this recipe – I started out experimentingContinue reading “Not Reeses Peanutbutter Cups (Vegan & Dairy-Free)”

Delicious Stuffed Roasted Peppers for Halloween or any occasion – yummy & vegan 🌱

Feeling creative today these peppers were so fun & easy to make. You can adapt the stuffing to any flavours you like or add rice or Cous Cous or vegan sausages instead of soy mince; different spices or vegetables. I tried to use a combination of ingredients my son enjoys – they were so tasty!Continue reading “Delicious Stuffed Roasted Peppers for Halloween or any occasion – yummy & vegan 🌱”

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement/ Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkin flower arrangement I’ve been working & experimenting with pumpkin 🎃 recipes (soon to be shared on here!) & we always carve one to put out the front of the house for Halloween trick or treaters. Pumpkins are very cheap and have multiple uses! I thought I would do something a bit different & creativeContinue reading “Pumpkin Flower Arrangement/ Pumpkin Vase”

Breakfast Fry Up with Eggy Tofu Scramble – dairy free & Vegan

My son always enjoyed a full English Breakfast Fry up before he decided to go vegan; there’s no reason why he still can’t enjoy it with a vegan (plant-based) version which I also love to eat. A great start to the day especially with the colder weather now. & it’s much healthier and less greasyContinue reading “Breakfast Fry Up with Eggy Tofu Scramble – dairy free & Vegan”

Vegan Fruit homemade Scones dairy-free Cream tea

These Scones are so light, delicious, they look and taste really impressive yet are so easy to make!! In fact the trick to good scones is not working the pastry a lot at all just roll it & cut out the shapes. I made them for a family birthday party in the garden earlier inContinue reading “Vegan Fruit homemade Scones dairy-free Cream tea”