My First New Blog Post…

I decided to start this blog as I love writing, I love my 2 son’s – and my older teenage son became Vegan over a year ago & I love food as does he. It has been quite a learning journey! I thought there may be other people out there to share some tips & recipes with. Especially if like me you have a busy lifestyle. I’m a single mum running an event business & don’t always have the time to cook recipes from scratch so finding convenience food & sharing snacks is so important.

Get used to my sense of humour! There will be memes!! This was his latest birthday card I thought it was funny!

Before going vegan my son was vegetarian for a few months which in itself was challenging for a boy who hated vegetables & didn’t particularly like pasta either!! I freaked out a bit but soon adjusted as there is such a good range now in most supermarkets. His diet is healthier as he is trying a lot of new things I will be posting a range of food & products & recipes he and I have tried and enjoyed. My blog is about tackling the feelings of frustration and overwhelm about an alternative diet which can also be isolating. I want to be supportive of my son but I’ve surprised myself as I am really enjoying a lot of plant based food now.

My son always gets really excited when a new vegan product is launched or a restaurant or fast food chain expands their vegan menu I would like to share some of the experience with you!

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