Simple mushroom & no bacon pasta (vegan)

Mushroom & no bacon pasta / vegan

My son actually made up this recipe from stuff we had in the fridge after he refused to eat some leftovers I wanted to re-heat lol.

It was simple & delicious I also ended up eating a bowl, he should cook more often!


Serves 2

1 spoon olive oil

100 G sliced mushrooms

2 spring onions – chopped

2 garlic cloves – crushed

60 g Vegan Lardons or chopped vegan bacon.

125 ml non dairy cream we used Alpro soy cream.

2 spoons nutritional yeast

150 G pasta

Spoonful paprika

(Optional – teaspoon crispy dried onions)

Mushrooms & no bacon with dairy free cream


Heat the olive oil in a big pan, gently fry the mushrooms, onion & garlic for a couple of minutes until they soften, turn golden.

Add the lardons heat for 3/4 minutes.

This isn’t bacon plant based lardons

Mix in the soy cream

Add the nutritional yeast flakes

Heat for 1-2 minutes until the cream is bubbling

Cook the pasta according to instruction

Stir through the pasta in the sauce

Sprinkle with the paprika.

You can also sprinkle with some crispy dried onions my son sprinkles these on everything as likes the contrast of the crunchy texture.

Enjoy! This is a delicious creamy flavoursome hearty bowl of pasta 👌

Published by mum2veganteen

I’m a busy single mum of teenage boys and want to share tips, recipes & ideas about buying & preparing vegan, plant based food for loved ones to enjoy

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