Fast & easy Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara (dairy free) (No Eggs)

This recipe was a real winner & so simple to make, tasted delicious. My son really likes it when I veganise a tradional recipe that’s one of his favourites. (Also one of the least vegan dishes you could think of!) The sauce was creamy & cheesey and perfect with the salty smoky chewy bites.

Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara (Dairy Free, no egg)
Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara (Dairy Free No Egg)

You can adapt and do with or without the mushrooms & the peas are something I like to add as they compliment the smoky ‘bacon’. Also I used to try to sneak vegetables into recipes – my son pointed out that I shouldn’t have to do that now as everything he eats is plant based anyway 😂


    200 g mushrooms (optional)
    50 g frozen peas (optional)
    1 tbsp olive oil
    150 g Vegan ‘bacon’ (we used Vivera plant bacon pieces)
    2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes
    1 garlic clove crushed
    1 tsp Garlic Salt
    Salt & pepper to season
    200 ml Vegan Double Cream (we used Elmlea)
    Chopped Parsley
    Handful of Grated Vegan cheese (we used Violife)
    200 g / 7 oz spaghetti
Vegan Plant Bacon
Vegan Plant Bacon


    Cook the spaghetti- according to pack instructions.
    Heat the oil in a big frying pan.
    Add the crushed garlic & garlic salt. Stir and fry for a minute.
    Add the vegan bacon & sauté for 3 minutes.
    Add the frozen peas & fry for 2/3 minutes.
    Stir in the nutritional yeast flakes (this gives it the slightly eggy flavour.
    Add the plant vegan double cream & simmer & stir well for 2 / 3 minutes until it’s a consistency not too thin.
    Serve immediately over the spaghetti.
    Top with chopped Parsley & the grated vegan cheese. (We like the Violife as seems to melt better than other vegan cheese we’ve tried.
Violife Vegan Cheese
Violife Vegan Cheese
Vegan Spaghetti Cabonara (Dairy-Free, Plant-based, no eggs)
Cabonara (Dairy-Free, Plant-based, no eggs)


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I’m a busy single mum of teenage boys and want to share tips, recipes & ideas about buying & preparing vegan, plant based food for loved ones to enjoy

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