Simple sweet chilli no chicken Stir-Fry noodles . (Vegan )

This is a great tasting easy go- to recipe for a simple stir fry which you can adapt according to your taste or ingredients available. It’s also quick to make – literally throw the ingredients in the pan.

Sweet chilli no chicken stir fry (vegan)
Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry (Vegan)

The sweet chilli sauce & soy sauce are the key ingredients. I always have a bottle of each in the cupboard & you cannot go wrong it’s a winning combination of flavours! Salty, sweet & spicy but not too hot, the kids love it!

We were having a ‘cheat day’ so used a pack of ready mixed Vegetable & Bean sprout Stir Fry.

You can use any fresh vegetables you like – Carrot, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, beansprouts are all great – make sure you chop them into small pieces.

We used ready to Wok Noodles. You have to check the noodles are vegan as I’ve made the mistake of buying noodles that couldn’t be eaten so avoid Egg noodles!! These ones are rice noodles so they’re ok & we tried curry flavour one which was nice.

If you don’t have noodles it’s equally nice with rice. You can jazz up the rice a little by adding some finely chopped spring onion, chopped coriander, grated carrot & crushed peanuts!


    3 tbsps Soy Sauce
    3 tbsps Sweet Chilli Sauce
    1tbsp Tomato ketchup
    200g No Chicken – chicken substitute- tofu, Seitan or we used Linda Mcartney Frozen pulled chicken. (Half a pack)
    Vegetables of choice (about 4 cups) or ready pack
    2 tbsps oil
    2 garlic cloves, sliced
    2 teaspoons grated or dry ginger
    1 or 2 tablespoons water.
    Salt & pepper to season.
    150 g noodles
    (Optional – fresh chopped coriander)


  1. Heat the oil in wok or big frying pan.
  2. Add the vegan ‘no chicken’ , heat for couple of minutes or according to your pack instructions.
  3. Add the onion garlic stir for a minute
  4. Add the vegetables – stir fry for 3 or 4 mins. You can add a tablespoon or 2 of water so they don’t stick.
  5. Add the ready to wok noodles (or pre-cooked noodles) stir through for a minute.
  6. Add the soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, ketchup stir through and heat through for a couple of minutes. (You can add more of the sauce if you like – just up by 1 tablespoon of each of the chilli & soy sauce)
  7. Sprinkle with the fresh coriander to serve.

Enjoy! This is one recipe you will try again and again!

Sweet Chilli ‘no chicken’ stir fry noodles (vegan)
Sweet Chilli ‘no chicken’ stir fry noodles (vegan)

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I’m a busy single mum of teenage boys and want to share tips, recipes & ideas about buying & preparing vegan, plant based food for loved ones to enjoy

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