The best chocolatey cake ever – Vegan or not!

My son’s exact words after we baked and ate this amazing chocolate cake.

Yes we did cheat and use a ready cake mix! Sometimes it’s for the best. This one was incredible – vegan or not – perhaps you want to avoid dairy – this is a great easy way to enjoy a luxury chocolate cake with no eggs or butter.

We did make the chocolate butter icing ourself though which was also awesome!

We used the Betty Crocker – Tempting Chocolate cake mix.

As per instructions we added these to the cake mixture in a bowl.


    125 ml vegetable oil
    8tbsp (we replaced water with oat milk )
    Instead of eggs;
    4 tbsps fizzy lemonade (sprite or 7 up)
    1tsp baking powder
    1 tsp bicarbonate of soda


Divide between 2 cake tins lined with baking paper.

Bake approx 20 mins (180c)

To make the choc butter icing which was literally the icing on the cake!! You can do this whilst the cake is baking.


  1. 100 g Dark Chocolate
  2. 1x Tablespoon Plant based milk
  3. 1 X dessertspoon vegan butter/ spread
  4. 6 x Tablespoons Icing Sugar
  5. 3 x Tablespoons Vegan butter/ spread

With the butter icing – you can vary the amount as long as you do double the icing sugar to butter! We only had a few tablespoons left of icing sugar – measured it out & then added half of the vegan butter.


Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water (or in microwave ) with the spoon of butter & milk.

Mix the Vegan butter & icing sugar in a bowl until creamy consistency.

Add the melted chocolate & mix.

Spread over the top of one of the chocolate cakes (make sure it’s cooled down first) – then place the 2nd cake on top (like a sandwich)

I went wrong here lol & dropped the cake so it looks a bit messy but I was forgiven because the cake was tasting out of this world! Anyway it looks more rustic!! 🤗

Betty Crocker Chocolatey Cake - Vegan version
Betty Crocker Chocolately Cake – Vegan version

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I’m a busy single mum of teenage boys and want to share tips, recipes & ideas about buying & preparing vegan, plant based food for loved ones to enjoy

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